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Easy as 1, 2, 3
The Watch Network™
1001 Uses
For Developers
EQ Network enables you to create and publish private or public video channels that are automatically pushed to all who subscribe.

  • EQN automatically logs your videos as simple animations showing the content you have sent.
  • EQN automatically updates all subscribers of your channel instantly when the video is ready.
  • EQN automatically synchronizes what you have watched.
  • New devices are coming with native App support: Android and TVs coming soon!
  • Virtually ANY video file of ANY size from ANY application, Web page, or phone can be uploaded.  No pre-processing required.
  • Publish your videos to everywhere automatically

    EQ Network enables you to:
  • Create an account for free
  • Upload a video of any length directly from your device
  • Create private video channels (never shows up in search) or public video channels (for anyone to subscribe and follow)
  • Everyone gets your video the instant you upload it, without e-mails or the need to go to a Web site
  • Favorites (coming soon) enables automatic push of channel videos so you can watch them without an Internet connection
  • EQ Network App: Like a pocket sized DVR for every video source!

  • Watch wherever you are, whenever you want, with the EQ Network app
  • Shows you what's new, and what's hot
  • All your videos are in one place on any device, with complete control of all your channels
  • Play directly to your screens with Apple Airplay or via converter cables
  • EQ The Watch Network™ supports 3G, Wi-Fi, and HD 720p broadcast quality
  • *  Patented technology automatically directs you to the right asset for the bandwidth and device, while also providing the ability to upgrade your quality level to the next available, should you require enhanced resolution

    Personal HQ Video Network
    Crowd Source, Location Enabled
    Invitation Only Communication

    Private Consumer Channels,
    Personal Networks,
    Amateur Sports Networks

    Private Video Classrooms,
    Interactive-Personalized Tutorials,
    Privacy Protected

    From the Field to the Viewer,
    Follow News Communities,
    Viewer Enabled Contribution